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The ShipBoss Summary - the most powerful way to reduce your parcel prices

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Did you know?

The ShipBoss Summary can reduce your companies UPS / FedEx prices 15-40% lower than your current discounts.

(This service is being implemented long term in over 550 companies nationwide.)

How it's Implemented:

Through a short summary of your options to lower your prices, then implementation, upkeep and annual improvement to offset carrier increases.

What is included:

  • A breakdown of what you're paying now, where you're overspending, how much can be saved and what to do to save it.

  • Expert assigned for implementation of any changes necessary.

  • Automatic annual refreshment of discounts to keep up with the ongoing rate hikes of the carriers

  • 24/6 support on any shipping questions, claims, issues.

Here is also a 2-minute micro demo.

For more information or to get yours:


We've being doing this for 20 years so we've learnt a thing or two.

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