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Dimensional weight - understand it in 15 seconds

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Why am I sending 11 lb's and getting charged for 58 lb's?

Because you are being billed for dimensional weight!

But why???

Let's take 2 people.

One is shipping fresh air.

Weighs 1 lb.

The other person is shipping a brick.

Weighs 15 lb's.

Should the guy shipping the brick have to pay 15x more??

His brick takes up 20 times less space in the truck than Mr. Fresh Air!

So the carriers made a formula...and it's soooo simple

Length X Width X Height / 139.

That is your dimensional weight.

If that is your higher than your "actual weight" you pay for the dimensional weight.

That's it. You can get on with your life now.

Get some PRO TIPS to reduce your dimensional weight here .....

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